Eaten Alive!


You can be living life with all its perks that a good healthy life can bring. You make plans for the future which you fully intend to fulfill, but there are always roadblocks that life puts in front of us when we least need them. A diagnosis of cancer, in this case lung cancer can be and is devastating to a person.

The person who is diagnosed with this disease faces an emotional rollercoaster. The first thoughts and fears that a person feels when told of their illness is, are they going to lose their life. And the second fear is how long do they have to live. So many decisions to make and so many things to consider, and so many questions to ask and so few answers to give.

The worse time to make any decisions is right after your diagnosed and told of your illness. If, it is not necessary or an emergency to make decisions right away, you should take some time to digest what is going on. Get a second opinion if you feel you need to. Counseling is also highly recommended.

Lung cancer is a devastating cancer, if you have never seen someone sufer from this cancer, it is one that is unbareable to see in someone that has it. Lung cancer is a progressive disease. In the later stages your breathing is quite labored and because of the medications you lose your appetite so its impossible to eat, your hair begins to fall off and your physical strength begins to to fail you and in some cases you lose the will to live. In the last stage of your illness you begin to spit up blood and now your breathing has to be helped by oxygen. Your final days, are the most horrible days ever, you totally begin to throw up enormous amounts of blood through your mouth, nose and ears. And, then finally it is all over…but not before an over whelming amount of suffering. Even if it sounds cruel you are thankful your loved one is gone. His/Her suffering and pain is over and now they will be able to rest…

Lung cancer can be prevented if you make wise choices in life. The only person you are hurting is yourself by picking up the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes. Why become a statistic! Treatments are painful and the emotional stress on you and your family and friends is not worth it. WHAT YOU WANT IS BEAUTIFUL LIFE! We would rather celebrate your life, than mourn your death.

Source by Eva Marquez


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